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Dedicated ODC

Semaphore Software offers captive offshore software development in India to its clients for in-house software development as compared to traditional outsourcing; thus maximizing solution in the long run as well as controlled costs.

Why SilverODC?

Why ODC?

ODC Project Life Cycle

There are three components of SilverODC

ODC Project Life Cycle

Key issues taken care of in an Offshore Development Center (ODC) environment :

  • Protection of IP
  • Exit Policy
  • Security and Backup Policies
  • Ramp Up and Ramp Down
  • Risk Management Plan

ODC Life Cycle

Build Phase

ODC Life Cycle

Manage Phase

ODC Life Cycle

Transfer Phase (Optional)

SilverODC is designed such a way that it has flexiblity to handover operation to you. Semaphore will build and operate your center and will handover it based on milestones achivement. Pre-defined milestones will be strategic decision where Semaphore will help you to get to next level.

Here onwards... new journey will begin... !!!

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