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Online University Network

Online University Network

 November 5,2020

The Client:

The client is a private social network for universities. They help students, instructors, student organizations and services personnel across universities, connect and collaborate with each other. The client is an expert in the student engagement technology and social media for the education industry.

Business Needs:

Client wanted to build an online network for all the Australian universities. They wanted to connect students with relevant peers, student organizations, staff, & employers in an online network tailored for the university experience client wanted to build a script that crawls the university website to search for relevant information, which would be organized into different units, thus helping create a time table for the students Client had given urls for different universities and a pattern to fetch the data. They needed data from different universities as per patterns mentioned.

Our Solution:

Silver Touch proposed a Web Scrapping technique to fetch data from the different websites. The script will perform the task with minimal time & effort. The solution includes all the universities in Australia. The scripts will be customized to suit the institute needs. Each university can upload its course, admission process/details, examination patterns and their unique facilities on site allocated exclusively for it. The portal has a secured login facility. Students of selected Australian Universities can sign-in using their Facebook login id or their email id. People with a verified email address can join the University network. The scraping algorithm will be modified as per the university information.


  • A centralized location for students to connect with their peer group.
  • Students can share their ideas, participate in class discussion, benefit from online learning, shoot questions, invite teachers for collaboration, download notes, view detailed timetable and share timetable with friends.
  • Well organized content makes it easy for students to access a specific unit single database for all universities.
  • A single website to access information for the different universities students can connect with students from other universities.

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