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GPS Based Fleet Management System

GPS Based Fleet Management System

 November 5,2020

The Client:

The client is one of the UK’s leaders in the provision of mobile handsets and accessories. A client is supplying and marketing a broad portfolio of handsets and headsets and all mobile related products such as batteries, SIM cards and spare parts through their distribution market focused division.

The company has annual turnover around 17 million pounds and deals with 5,000 small and medium sized businesses across the U.K. currently the client is managing 30,000 mobile users. The client is offering complete business solution; from mobile email solutions to IT support to vehicle tracking solutions.

Business Needs:

Client wanted Silver Touch to assist in the redesigning and redevelopment of a new, more robust and extensible application over the Silverlight 3.0 Technology platform. In accordance to the existing application the client is facing problem with the web application within its new architecture. Client is currently having a web based application in Silverlight Technology. Due to complexity and performance issues client wants to rebuild the same web application in Silverlight with better architecture for better performance. Currently they are using .Net Remoting as a core which is giving trouble to the website.

Our Solution:

Silver Touch suggests WCF web or window Asynchronous Services architecture to eliminate current performance issue and give better performance to the website. Existing application usable code base and designs will be used for the proposed web application also. Client will have all functionalities in the new development which they are having in the current web application. Silver Touch suggests WCF architecture because it is totally service oriented architecture which runs whole business logice for the website. It also provides clear separation of any business logic from the UI. For creating SOA Silver Touch suggests WCF service which has following advantages over the web service.


  • This WCF architecture increases efficiency of brain for serving multiple clients in terms of requests and responses of site.
  • Brain requires parsing of request protocol and building response protocol. Hence parsing & building consumes some time on each action which adds in total 0020 response time to user.
  • As brain has subsequent processes, when any such process is in execution, brain has to wait becoming free for next request in queue.
  • Data is stored in the form of protocol xml which is again overheads in parsing while retrieving to depict history. Currently SQL Server Compact Edition used which is good for mobility. But this edition has storage limitation up to 4096 MB (4GB) and don’t have support to stored procedures and views which helps in improving query performance.
  • Current architecture is not scalable to improve performance by user load balancing. To increase performance, server running .net remoting services has required to being high end as load increases.
  • .Net remoting is allowing consuming APIs or Brain call from kind of .NET application only. Any third party whosoever want to consume such APIs has to use .NET technologies.

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