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Event Networking Application

Event Networking Application

 November 5,2020

The Client:

Client is a Netherland based company, providing social networking services to their valued customers. They manage events and involve their customers the same.

Business Needs:

Client need to create community based application in which members will able to create events and also able to invite people to participate for their created events. This application is meant to be a social platform for finding and organizing events.

Our Solution:

The proposed technical solution will be based on Symfony Framework 1.2 over the Apache web server on the windows based platform.


  • The users will able to create their own profile and also able to invite friends to join their network using this community based application.
  • Users can organize various events and able to upload there photo albums, gallery, guest books and can view the same reports.
  • Users will able to search different areas based on location of the event and also search for other events based on the defined search area.
  • This will be possible based on the Geogle API data which is dynamically called in the form of shape file based on the search criteria or geographical shapes.
  • Users will have the option to create their own profile and set their options to view in terms of private or public to show others.

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