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Sentrara Fitness

Joomla is an industry leading, award winning Content Management System. Sophisticated yet easily accessible, Joomla is designed to adapt to the ever-changing needs of its market. Semaphore Software is a reputable web development agency to specialize in Joomla related matters when it forked from Mambo in 2005. We're proficient, experienced, and quite active members of the international Joomla community. Our counsel and creative Joomla solutions are regularly sought and applied in the fields of enterprise applications and website design.


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Sentrara Fitness is a leader in health and fitness service providers. When it was time for Sentrara Fitness to redevelop their site, they wanted a digital agency with responsive website expertise and a firm understanding of SEO. Working closely with Sentara’s team, we assisted in finalizing responsive templates for the site, as well as how on-page SEO would factor in. The site was developed using Joomla and includes product information, useful resources such as videos, datasheets and whitepapers, a news section, and various contact forms.


  • A/B Testing
  • Reconstruction of Content
Sentrara Fitness
  • Sentrara Fitness
  • Sentrara Fitness
  • Sentrara Fitness