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Personal Hormone Profiling

Personal Hormone Profiling

The Client

A Netherland based client offering IT based solutions and providing services for web application development & IT outsourcing services within the high quality and at the lowest possible price across the globe. The client company is doing outsourcing IT projects to India and work for larger SMEs. The client is providing IT based functional customer support and sales and marketing.

Business Needs

The client wanted Silver Touch to assist in the designing and development for the new website for personal hormone profiling project. The actual requirement needs to be developed the system which can help to the site visitors to create their personal hormone profile in which they have the option to registering their body fat mass to application and based on that users would able to get a food and training advice from the system. However, website users can have the option to get the appropriate training from the selected mentor on the website. The system wants to create privileges to website access according to the user’s limitation. The website will introduce four different types of users.

Our Solution

Silver Touch has provided solution to the client within the development of the website based on the Content Management System. The website has four different types of users and they have the allocated privileges to access the website in terms of their roles. The website contains four different types of users as following: Admin: Manage website contents, Input for advice, trainers and webshop Client: Manage own profile, Can view the measurements Trainer: Manage Clients, measurements and can buy from webshop Public Visitors: Can only see front page The website has the content management system where the admin can manage the contents from the backend and will provide the user management functionality, webshop including payment system and multilingual functionality.


  • Client users have the option to create their own profile and measure the fields for Body Fat (in percentage), Fat mass, BMI and Less mass and receive the report from the system.
  • Site admin would able to manage entire website contents.
  • Site admin can have the option to allocate site access privileges to each user of the website.
  • Trainee user can have the option to create their own profile and manage the clients who are coming under them.