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Mobile App Upgrade and Migration

To keep up with the changing technology and for availing and exploiting the benefits of other OS, Upgrading and Migrating of Mobile Apps become significant. If your mobile apps fail to stay abreast of latest OS and its features, you will tend to lose users to your competitors, hindering your business growth and losing brand credibility. In case of Upgrading, the mobile OS is updated or upgraded, allowing users to avail benefits of new technology. In Migration of Mobile Apps, required changes are made in apps for making them compatible with different OS, Platforms and Devices.Semaphore Software provides end-to-end services to upgrade and migrate mobile apps involving new features integration and changing compatibility. The money spent on developing apps can be saved through this, by just incorporating new technology changes. Our team is proficient in providing Mobile App Upgrade and Migration services, keeping an innovative and focused approach. Along with providing efficient Mobile App Upgrade services, our team works closely with clients recommending them the most favorable technologies, giving boost to their growth and making migration flawless. We not only understand their unique requirements, but also apply our proven methodologies with the use of latest tools and techniques to upgrade and migrate their mobile apps.

Mobile App Migration Process

Our Mobile App Migration process is systematic and well-defined. It helps businesses to meet their requirement of making their mobile apps work across different Operating System, Mobiles and Platforms, helping them achieve their business objectives.

Mobile App Migration Process

  • Assessment & Study : Before starting with the migration process we conduct a complete study and assessment of your current app’s OS, device and platform along with that of the new mobile OS SDK and Development tool.
  • Planning & Defining Strategy : After thorough assessment, we plan and define the migration strategy for deployment of the mobile app.
  • Re-engineering & Migration : Migration is the most crucial stage of this whole process where the re-architecting and migration of existing mobile app is done to new development tool. Our expert team with their collaborative approach helps them overcome all technical challenges and complete the process successfully.
  • Development & Compilation : Compiling with new development tool and OS SDK is done in this stage along with developing and making required changes.
  • Unit Testing : Unit testing is conducted with the targeted mobile simulator and device.
  • QC Testing : QC testing is done for ensuring quality and fixing bugs if any, ensuring the app works efficiently in the targeted mobile device.
  • UAT (User Acceptance Testing) : UAT is carried out where actual users test the mobile app for confirming its performance and functionality prior to deployment.
  • Deployment : In this stage of mobile app migration the mobile app is deployed in the app store.
  • Live Support : This is the final stage of migration process where customers are provided seamless live support regarding any queries or issues they face in the mobile app.

Our Mobile App Upgrade and Migration Solution

  • Cross Platform App Migration

    Migrating the mobile apps between two different platforms involving changes executed in mobile apps’ structure.

  • Intra Device App Migration

    Migrating the mobile apps in different devices with the same platform involving compatibility changes.

  • Intra Platform Migration/Upgrade

    Changes made within the same platform involving changes in features and their integration. Upgrading the OS with new enhancements introduced.

Why Semaphore for
Mobile App Upgrade & Migration?

  • Businesses can meet their clients expectations by upgrading their mobile apps with the most recent technology
  • Mobile Apps become compatible across different Operating System, Mobiles and Platforms and agility increases to help business fulfill their dynamic needs
  • Businesses require less time to market their new versions of apps
  • A new market segment opens up with an increase in customer base
  • There is an improvement in customer service with introduction of advanced features supporting multiple OS
  • Our expert team upgrades apps for platforms like iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry etc. and is efficient in migration of Android Apps to Kindle Fire

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