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iTUFS – Integrated Technology Fund Upgradation Scheme

iTUFS – Integrated Technology Fund Upgradation Scheme

The Client

Ministry of Textiles (MoT), Government of India (GoI) had launched Technology Upgradation Fund Scheme (TUFS) for Textile and Jute Industries w.e.f. 1.4.1999 for a period of 5 years, which was implemented via specified Lending Agencies (LA) under the scheme. The scheme was subsequently extended up to 31.3.2007. From the period between 01.04.2007 to 28.06.2010, it was prominent under the name Modified Technology Upgradation Fund Scheme (MTUFS). From 29.06.2010 to 27.04.2011, TUFS did not exist, hence the loan sanctioned by the specified lending agencies during this period does not gain any benefits from this scheme. The scheme was re-launched in a restructured form for the period between 28.04.2011 and 31.03.2012, which was extended to 31.03.2013, and was known as Restructured Technology Upgradation Fund Scheme (RTUFS). For management of the data under RTUFS and RRTUFS, software developed by the National Informatics Centre (NIC), Department of Information Technology is being used at present by the Office of the Textile Commissioner (OTXC). Accordingly, the current status of management of the data on TUFS may be summarized as given below,

Business Needs

There was a need to manage the scheme in an efficient and integrated format, which called for a comprehensive system which could access records and data for all the stake holders i.e. beneficiary, Bank’s branches, TUFS Cell of Bank, OTXC & MOT. The proposed system should computerize the workflow, and will provide a complete and integrated view of TUFS w.r.t. UID status, subsidy utilization and other necessary information at the different levels. The system should be able to integrate digital signatures so that management can aim for paperless offices after TUFS implementation.

Our Solution

Considering client’s requirement, Silver Touch proposed and developed iTUFS application in ASP.NET (Web Application) with hybrid waterfall Methodology Web Application was developed with .NET Framework 4.0 and MS SQL 2012 along with SSRS, which has proven to be useful in some of the best known applications Client wanted transparency in the workflow, which is why we proposed a workflow based application Mainly two workflows were implemented: 1) Application submission to avail subsidy 2) Claim submission for getting regular base interest reimbursement based subsidy Different Types of stake holder roles are involved in application as per requirement Requirement based MIS reports and dash boards were developed


  • This is a web application instead of a client server application, so it eliminates manual work
  • Full automation of the archived as well as ongoing scheme was made possible
  • Single platform integration system to manage all the schemes.
  • A Fully transparent system accessible to all the stake holders related to scheme
  • Graphical Dashboard
  • Runtime MIS reports with dynamic queries