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Intellectual Property Protection and Security

Intellectual Property Protection and Security

Semaphore Software understands the importance of compliance with the Laws and International Agreements on Intellectual Property (IP) as a key element for its clients to build long term relations. We believe in protecting clients’ IP rights by implementing strong security policies. As part of these efforts, we are now an ISO 27001 certified for security standards.

Semaphore Software has put key elements in place to protect clients, giving them maximum benefits for the software products developed with our team, which include:

  • Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA)
  • Project-related IP Protection
  • Confidential Document/software Control
  • Employee Non-disclosure agreement
  • Employee Training and Education on security aspects and Cyber Law
  • End point security

Indian courts of law also support security of Intellectual Property through Cyber law and Information Technology Act, 2000.

We abide by the international IP Standards and ensure 100% security for our clients work and project.