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Managed Continuity Services

Security Information and Event Management

Every organization is striving hard to limit the risks involved in information security. Firewalls and antivirus software have been installed; access rules have been introduced in the system. Servers and applications have been installed with strict policies to ensure complete security.

But, what happens when the technology experiences a downtime, or the equipment used is damaged? How do you manage the business continuity and IT continuity at this hour? There is a data logging that confirms to individual solutions, which helps assess the information, and eventually the risks involved.

This is where security information and event management (SIEM) plays a pivotal role. The software products and services that combine security information management with security event management is how you can define SIEM. With this system, you will get real time analysis of the security alerts that is sent by network hardware and applications.

Why Opt SIEM?

Security Information and Event Management offers a wide range of capabilities that ensure business continuity:

  • It offers data aggregation capabilities which aggregates the data from different sources and helps consolidate the data and monitor it to avoid missing out on crucial data
  • It establishes correlation by looking for common attributes between the different events, and converts them into meaningful bundles
  • It offers alerting and dashboard capabilities along with compliance data to produce reports for auditing and security processes

SIEM Services Offered by Semaphore

Why Semaphore Software for Managed Continuity Services?

Semaphore Software offers highly capable managed continuity services to avoid missing out details. We ensure you get alerts on every security issue, and develop applications and systems that are completely managed from security and continuity aspects. Our team takes care of real time analysis of data, security issues, and ensuring the system does not experience downtime.