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Laneway Festival Portal

Laneway Festival Portal

The Client

Australian based small-scale design company, Specializing in branding, web, print and graphic design, advertising and campaign planning. This design company is providing solutions to their different client and helps them to grow their business and money also. It can help to their client to provide distinctive and unique intuitive designs in the form of following:

  • Online, Interactive and interface design
  • Illustration and collage
  • Visual branding
  • Print
  • Branding

The company is providing online design and developments with inseparable with following platform:

  • Silverstripe
  • E-marketing
  • Ajax Integration
  • Online Applications
  • Blogs

Business Needs

The objective was to develop the Australian based Laneway Festival website which can introduce new or upcoming music by this festival through surrounded music lovers. The website will display information about various events across the country along with their schedule timing, places, sponsors, Artist, News, Gallery, Forum and many more information.

Our Solution

This is Silver Stripe based Content Management System with 7 different domains manages through single back-office. The required database is using as MySQL 5x over the Linux server.


  • The website would be helpful to their users to know about information related different events and festivals across the country.
  • Website users will able to know the information related show place, Events, Timing, Artist profile, Sponsored Information.
  • Website users will have the option to view different music events related information by different county.
  • Website users will have the option to view recent news regarding music events on the home page of the website.