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Gandhi Heritage Portal

Gandhi Heritage Portal

The Client

The Ashram serves as a source of inspiration and guidance, and stands as amonument to Gandhiji’s life mission and a testimony to others who have fought a similar struggle. It became home to the ideology that set India free. It aided countless other nations and people in their own battles against oppressive forces.

The Ashram is presently involved in a number of activities that serves to both preserve the history of Gandhi and the freedom struggle and also to promote and educate people in the great philosophies, values and teachings of Gandhi.

The Ashram Trust funds activities that include education for the visitor, the community and routine maintenance of the museum and its surrounding grounds.

Business Needs

Client wanted to develop a web portal in the memory of Mahatma Gandhi and to present his Heritage on web. Client had a plan to have vast information of the life and times of Gandhiji on the portal. The information includes books written by Gandhiji, audio and video files, gallery of photographs & cartoons. Following are the major requirements of the client : Gallery of photographs, videos, cartoons, audios, posters and stamps with searching, paging and filtering functionality Site visitors should be able to view photographs in full screen and also able to print the photographs Videos should be easily play on the portal with all basic features such as start / pause / stop, forward, backward, and volume up / down Portal should display written document related to Gandhiji’s speeches Portal should display list of all the places visited by Gandhiji on the Google Map across the world Day-to-day & event wise chronology of Gandhiji with filtering functionality by date Books and Volumes related to Gandhiji with searching & filtering features Web portal should be provide all journals with related photographs that was published or edited by Gandhiji or other institutions Web portal should include information related to the family tree of Mahatma Gandhi Registration for special users with login functionality All the type of contents such as photographs, videos & books and special users should be manage by administrator Following were the general requirements of the client: Web portal should provide list of recent updates Global search for web portal Web Portal should be available in multi language – English, Hindi & Gujarati with multiple content size options Two type of website views: standard & contrast view


Simple and noble life of Mahatma Gandhi is made available to the world through this website. The Website exhibits the following benefits:

  • Site visitors can easily get the information & knowledge from portal about Mahatma Gandhi’s life, hard-work & his contribution towards the Indian nation
  • Photographs related to Gandhiji’s family, his associates and various movements & activities are available and visitors also can easily print those photos via portal
  • Web portal provides a list of all places on Google map that Gandhiji visited across the India and outside India
  • e-Copy of journals written and published by Gandhiji or other institutions are available online
  • With the help of Book reader, visitors can read the books online and also print the required pages from the portal
  • The portal is available in three languages – English, Hindi & Gujarati so that users from different geographical locations can use / read the portal easily
  • Portal provides the facility of increasing and decreasing the font size of content
  • Screen reader access functionality has been integrated to make the site potentially useful to people who are blind, visually impaired, illiterate or learning disabled
  • With the help of Drupal, the portal exhibits more stability and fast response time