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Computerized Bid Evaluation System

Computerized Bid Evaluation System

The Client

Based in Sydney, Australia, client is a privately-owned Australian company. Client is building an online services marketplace to provide a very specific, local network of connections between customers and service businesses. Client is not a franchisor or sales organization of any kind.

Business Needs

The main intent of the project is to make it easy for consumers and businesses to find good service providers, and easy for businesses to find more rewarding customers by developing CBE (Computerized Bid Evaluation) portal.

Our Solution

Silver Touch proposes based on Requirement overview to develop an ASP.Net application. The CBE website portal will have integration with a newly designed SQL Server 2005 database. CBE portal will be developed as per the requirements mentioned in the functionality section.


  • A business to customer portal is developed when customers will interact with service provider to gain the best suitable service