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WordPress, Joomla Vs Drupal – Who is the Mightiest of all?

Published: May 14, 2013  |   | 

Technology has progressed way beyond our imagination – Just look around, right from offices to homes and from cars to space crafts, we are completely engulfed by technology.

With advancing technology; we have a number of web resources and CMS (content management system), on internet. And these CMSs in a way make it possible to have solidly build websites which open the immensely wide and huge source of knowledge with a simple click.

Among a cluster of CMSs; WordPress, Joomla and Drupal are leading competing to reach the number one position!

Well, this competition is not surprising – configured with robustly build features; it really becomes difficult to determine which of these can be called mightiest of all. However, through this blog, we will just try to take a glimpse of the some of the unique attributes.

Extensions and Plug-ins:

Since, the websites are getting more dynamic and interactive; many of them even come with multimedia integration. And hence such web pages require solid extensions and plug-ins to make it work flawlessly. If we take a look at the extensions; WordPress takes the Cake with around 21210 extensions and plug-ins in its basket.

However, Drupal and Joomla are not lagging completely behind – They are competing well with 11000+ and 9000+ extensions respectively. And looking at the stiff competition; there still more to come!


Now, commenting on this attribute is a still tricky! – Since, all the three CMSs are based on PHP and are open-source, they are not out and out complicated to use. However, if we compare these three; then definitely the ball lands in court of WordPress.

According to the technocrats; WordPress does not require great technical knowledge – A little technical understanding and you can successfully work on it.  In comparison, Joomla would prove to be a bit complicated; which requires proper training and understanding.

Drupal, unlike the former two, needs high level of technical expertise.

Popularity on Search Engines!

Looking at the numbers; it seems WordPress again wins the race! – According to an estimate WordPress was most searched with approximately 3700000+ searches. Since, it is widely known for creating simple, yet extremely eye-catching websites, it reins the chart of most search CMSs. Being followed by Drupal and Joomla, it again makes it to the top slot.

The Bottom Line

Looking at the above list of attributes; it seems that WordPress is the mighty one! – But, then we cannot and should not undermine the other CMSs. In this changing scenario, where technology changes with a blink of an eye – All three of the CMSs have their own importance.  In other words, for simple and attractive websites, you have WordPress and for an advanced and versatile site, you have Drupal. Hope the above information gives you a reasonable idea about the three platforms and helps you in choosing the right solution. For more information you can contact us.