Women Empowerment – Supportive & Promotional Event organized at Silver Touch

August 11, 2014 Published by: Minesh Doshi

Silver Touch has been nurtured with the air of kindness, growth & support and with every noble cause it bridges a bond closer to the society and to the country. After the Charity Event being whole-heartedly welcomed by the employees, this Women Empowerment event was applauded with huge hands. The whole event was conducted by RJ Megha of Radio Mirchi 98.3FM and co-ordinated by the HR team at Silver Touch Technologies Limited Ahmedabad. It was to bring awareness regarding new service launched by the Govt. of India for woman’s safety to assist / help her during an inimical experience. Whether it is domestic violence or any other attack on any woman; just by giving a “Missed Call” to 1091 the Police Force would reach the location in a matter of few minutes for rescue operation. With the increasing cases taking place in this mega city, a private Entrepreneur Ruzan Khambhatta has launched this easy-to-approach service for the women of the society. Her appeal to the Government got an immediate kick-start and 1091 service was activated all around the city of Ahmedabad. RJ Megha at Silver Touch Technologies RJ Megha from Radio Mirchi 98.3FM team hosted the event where two female constables interacted with the employees of Silver Touch and give information of the service. She did ask to list down those people; apart from your family and friends whom you like to save from domestic violence. To this, the employees replied; as old home ladies, women living in rural areas and so on for every women who is a victim of physical and mental persecution in the city. At the end, yellow bands as a symbol of safety mark were distributed among the team members for spreading the word across not only in the organization but in the city lanes too. A noble appeal to the society to join the cause for woman’s safety and aware people; especially in rural areas about this service!