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Will the year 2023 prove to a landmark for HTML5?

Published: May 3, 2013  |   | 

HTML5 received a little lukewarm welcome when it was first introduced in the year 2008. In fact, it raised a host of questions, rather than evoking an excitement!

However, with the passing years (with the advent on Smartphones, to be more precise), it has gained enough repute and recognition.

As a matter of fact, the good news came with World Wide Web Consortium declaring specifications for HTML5 and recognizing it as “feature complete”– To put this in simple phrase, it was recognized a “more stable (than before) platform” for the developers.

But, the big test is yet to come! HTML5 has to prove its worth completely before getting W3C standard in 2014. So, the present year 2023 is of utmost importance and we have a lot to expect from this amazing and unique platform in the coming days.

Let us see what HTML5 has for us in the year 2023:

HTML5 all set to acquire W3C standard!

With web becoming an important resource in the tech-savvy era; the world is demanding interoperability from web languages.

HTML5 and CSS3 with their penchant for clean codes and futuristic approach is all set to empower the web development! In fact, both these languages together are rapidly emerging as powerful tool for result-oriented web development. Developed on the lines of earlier versions, HTML5 has integrated more features, and provides a more robust solid interface that means a lot to the developers, who have to deliver web solutions. – Thus, we would expect it getting W3C standard in the near future!

Expect a Boom in demand for HTML5!

As per the industry gurus, HTML5 is here to stay and stay for longer! Various Market research surveys have shown a positive picture for this language. In fact, the surveys points to continuous surge in its adoption.

And so, the market is actually going to make a way for HTML5 in the coming days! Since it is a versatile platform it is fully suitable for smartphones, websites, mobile apps, or mobile-ready websites.

Want to have cross platform compatibility – Just call in for HTML5!

HTML5 actually started gaining a pace in year 2011. With the market flooding with a variety of Smartphones; the demand technology that offers cross platform compatibility has risen tremendously.  If we take a good look, we will find that almost every platform – mobile or web – is shifting to HTML5 (this surprisingly includes Blackberry OS and Windows 8).

And if industry experts are to be believed, HTML5 is truly true the cross-platform ready technology which comes with simple and ready to install modules.

HTML5 will be the next Path-breaker!

The biggies in the technological ambit are now taking a serious note of HTML5 – In fact, Google and Microsoft are relying and framing their policies keeping in mind HTML5. Speaking in other words, HTML5 is being emerging as a solid platform to deliver those power-packed web and mobile applications.

Now, this has actually given jitters to the already established Giants with HTML5 gradually making roads for itself. As a matter of fact, many field gurus, feel that in the near future, HTML5 will come out as a path-breaker in this constantly changing technological scenario.