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Why HTML5 is here to Stay Longer?

Published: May 3, 2013  |   | 

HTML5 created a buzz when it was first introduced mainly for several questions raised over its effectiveness. Initially, it was considered a DARK HORSE – However, today, HTML5 is seen a major trend-setter in the technological ambit due to some of highlighting aspects, which can be successfully used to created state-of-the-art web and mobile application.

In my previous blog, I mentioned some of the predictions made by the experts about HTML5 in the year 2013, and how it is here to Stay longer. Here, we will try to speculate some the reasons, why or what makes HTML5 so special that it is being considered a winner.

Smartphones are becoming the latest catch in the recent times – With every other person sporting a Smartphone, the technocrats are looking for a robust configured cross platform technology. And in HTML5, the developers see a solid technology, which would work completely flawless on different mobile platforms. Being integrated with CSS3 and JavaScript, HTML5 works competently and most effectively on a variety of mobile platforms.

  • Clean codes is something that has helped HTML5 gained a considerable repute – Since, clean and specialized code are easy to comprehend. So, even when the web or mobile application is deployed and made live, it still gives a scope of modifications. Moreover, with clean codes, the debugging too becomes easy and quick. Thus, the end result comes out to be a amazingly and robustly build web or mobile application.
  • With the advent of a variety of browsers like IE7+, Firefox, Safari 3+, Google Chrome, Opera, etc making a knock, it has become completely vital to have a web language that ably supports all these browsers. HTML5 is one such web language which making a mark due to its ability and compatibility to work successfully and efficiently on different web browsers.
  • With the technology becoming more dynamic, tech-enthusiasts are looking forward for various solid and immensely interactive features. HTML5 comes with a different of unique and vibrant features, which makes it a favorite tool about the developers to present feature-rich, quality and high-end web applications, which are not only attractive, but also functionally brilliant.
  • Well, saving the cherry for the end – HTML5 due to its extensively brilliant and unique features and functionalities has become favorite of many leading web developing companies. Most of these top companies utilize HMTL5 to create web applications. In fact, the internet users are falling head or heels in love of the feature-rich and dynamic web sites. And so, it is definitely here to stay for long!