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Top Reasons Why Your Startup Should Invest in Mobile App Development

Published: Jun 16, 2021  |   | 

Mobile App Development

The number of smartphone users keeps on increasing globally. As per the Statista estimate, there will be over 7500 billion smartphone users worldwide in the year 2026. There is no better way than mobile apps to reach out to them. Be it Android or iOS app development, every company under the sun can make the most of mobility through a customized enterprise app.

In recent years, the concepts of digital transformation and automation have gained ground in the corporate world. Customized mobile apps have a significant share in streamlining these concepts into the system. These days, every industry, irrespective of its size and business model, tends to incorporate mobile app development into its strategy.

Talking about startups and SMEs (Small and Mid-sized Enterprises), they can leverage the benefits of evolving technology while attracting more people to their business through feature-rich and flawless mobile apps. For example, a US-based startup can grow its business significantly by taking the help of hire iOS app developers. It is possible to access a huge audience with minimum effort and in real-time, startups need dedicated business apps.

Let’s dig deep into the top reasons why startups should opt for mobile apps in the year 2021 and beyond. But, before that, we will go through the scope of the mobile apps in the market.

Scope of Mobile Apps in the Market

It all started in 2014 when smartphones and tablets had accounted for over 60% of online traffic. Social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter started to receive the most traffic. In just a couple of years, the popularity of mobility rose dramatically across the world. As per the Allied Market Research report on the Global Opportunity Analysis and Industry Forecast, 2016-2023, the mobile app market has become one of the fastest-growing sectors with an estimate of $311, 249 million market value in the year 2023.

The competition among startups becomes stiffer and the user’s expectations become more stringent amid the growing demand for mobile apps. Today, billions of smartphone owners use multiple apps on a daily basis for accomplishing various tasks. Whether it is doing business or exercises, learning new skills or placing orders online, there is an app for almost every activity. An individual spends around three hours daily in mobile apps for streaming music, social networking, creating a to-do list, and the like. There is no exaggeration in mentioning that mobile apps have become a part of our life.

Here are the top seven reasons why you should invest in Android or iOS app development to grow your startup and get a high ROI in a short time.

Top Reasons Why Your Startup Should Invest in Mobile App Development

1. User Engagement

Whether you own a startup or an SME, it is necessary to address a huge audience consists of potential customers. These days, mobile apps can act as a bridge between entrepreneurs and customers. As a highly effective digital method, a mobile app enables you to approach your customers. Today, most people have smartphones that make mobile app a powerful platform to target many users. You can communicate with the app users directly and fetch valuable data while keeping them engaged for a long time through a tailored app.

2. Revenue Generation

A mobile app is a powerful tool to interact with your customers or app users. As the fastest and most convenient communication channel, your business app spreads awareness about your products and services. It helps startups, SMEs, and even large enterprises increase the conversion rate that increases the overall revenue of the business. As per a survey, 70% of the users make their decision in favor of the company based on interaction and experience with the brand. What’s more, mobile apps can enhance transparency while showing all the products more effectively.

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3. Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is useful for every business to bring improvements in processes and services. When it comes to startups, customer feedback always helps owners to make necessary changes in their strategy while keeping customers in the center. Thanks to a customized mobile app, you can get valuable feedback from customers. Implementing the customer’s suggestions can make your startup more promising and competitive. You can easily come to know about flaws and what your customers expect through feedback. You can ensure that your customers get what they want by resolving issues mentioned in the user’s feedback.

4. Branding

As per an official report, customers find throes products more appealing than what appear on their smartphones. Mobile apps can assist you to leverage the benefits of this trend, and you can eventually build a brand of your business. Your startup can easily reach customers through a mobile app, and they can find it easy to purchase your services or products. In a way, your startup becomes bigger than your peers. It can get a competitive advantage, and you need to spend less on branding. A mobile app with advanced features can add value to your business and assist you to excel.

5. Marketing

A feature-rich enterprise app is a highly efficient and cost-effective tool for the online promotion of your startup. Contrary to the notion that mobile apps are costly, it is fair to mention that mobile app development can promote your business more strongly than a dedicated website, and you can get a high ROI over the period. It is easy to target a specific audience using a mobile app. For example, if you want to target a niche iPhone-using audience across the USA, Europe, and Asia, you can hire iOS application developers and make a user-friendly iOS app.

6. Visibility and Loyalty

A feature-rich app with seamless functionality can enhance the visibility of your startup significantly. You can hire Android or iOS application developers to integrate a Reward program into your app. Such a program can bring a bunch of opportunities for your startup. When your customized business app has all the necessary information with easy navigation, user-friendly features, and flawless performance, it can attract a lot of potential customers in a short time. It can enhance the visibility of your startup and assist you to promote your business online. When the app gives your customers a personalized experience, they develop unforeseen feelings for your company and as a result, you can gain a loyal customer base.

7. Data Collection

Do you want to know more about your customers in real-time? Do you want to get information about their likes, dislikes, and shopping pattern? Well, a mobile app can assist you to meet these objectives by tracking and collecting the user’s information continuously. A customized mobile app can fetch the data related to the user’s actions, frequent visits, interests, inquiries, and choices. This rich data can help you build a strong strategy and offer personalized services to your customers. You can also bring necessary changes in your business model to remain more customer-centric by analyzing the app-based data.

Concluding Lines

A startup company faces various challenges and stiff competition in the current business scenario. What makes the matter worse is the fact that startups have no experience and insufficient knowledge of market trends. In such a situation, a reputed mobile app development company can lend a helping hand. It can enable startups to reach a huge audience while saving big on operational costs and bringing automation into mundane processes. However, it is necessary for startups to analyze every important aspect of Android and iOS app development before developing tailored apps.

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