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Tips for Magento Developer: How to Improve Your Magento Store?

Published: May 3, 2013  |   | 

The E-commerce market is getting tougher with each passing day – This makes it important for the Magento Developers to be constantly on their toes to enhance the Magento store. Here are some of the tips which can help you to create brilliant virtual stores, which are at par with the global standard and perfectly suitable to meet growing requirements of the customers. Enhance your Home Page! Any customer, whether visiting the store for the first time or is a regular shopper, will gauge your shop from its home page. Therefore, a golden rule is to “Never Over Do anything”! The best way is to keep the appearance in sync with the contemporary mindset of your customers. Moreover, do not be a show off; do not explicitly display the exclusive products; rather drop hints to the customers. This will serve the purpose of home page; i.e., to highlights the major features of the store and show a way inside. Keep Categorization in Check Complicated navigations can simply put off the customers; therefore, your primary target as a Magento Developer becomes to avoid Over-categorization. This is a common thing which almost every Magento Developer does – While presenting the categories for the store they hardly try to define the categories properly. In fact, the best way is to keep categorization as simple and as crisp as possible. This will keep the navigation simpler as well as more precise. Keep on posting updates! How will a customer know that something new has arrived on your store? – The answer is to send newsletter and mails to update them about something that knock on your E-commerce shop. Using social media sites like Twitter Facebook will simply pull your presence online. A customer loves interactive stores The reason online shopping has become a craze is that it makes shopping experience more pleasurable with its interactive and dynamic features. So, your duty as Magento Developer includes embellishing the store with some multimedia tools, like videos or some intriguing animation. It will create an excitement among the customers to learn more about your company and your products. Therefore, it can lead to great lead generation and subsequently to extra sales and profits. Give the Customers some space A Golden principle every Magento Developer should remember – Respect the customer’s choice. You may want to create an impression on the customers, try not to stuff any product category with innumerable products, show things gradually and let the customer decide whether he or she wants to view all the products of that category. This way, at least the customers won’t feel that their shopping is being sabotaged and hence will lead to a sense of trust.