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The Amazing Art of Image Editing Services!

Published: May 13, 2013  |   | 

I was always passionate about capturing the fine amalgamation of color, texture, design and beauty on camera and therefore, took up Fashion photography as a career! And in these years as a photographer, I realized one thing that “Camera does something tells a lie”, especially today when image editing services have flourished tremendously. We come across a variety of obstacles, while shooting – Factors like Bad lights, out of place locations (sometimes, we have to shoot indoors due to bad weather), wrong placement of shadows (again due to lights) – in fact even a pimple on the model’s face makes it difficult for us to click a “Picture Perfect” photo. However, in the past few years, things have changed a little with the advancements in the photo editing services. From my own experience, I have seen almost magical “changes” that photo editing can bring in to a not-so-good picture. Okay, here I would like to share an incident, it was an important shooting assignment and so we decided to do a photo shoot in the woods. Now, being so close to nature, we encountered a pack of birds, sneaking into frame every now and then. However, all kudos to the “photo retouching”; the unwanted “jungle creatures” were masked – So, when the final pictures in the magazine were published, there were only models! See, how photo editing can have a “magical effect”! Image editing service is so fantastic that it can even change the background. Being a photographer, I have time and again struggled with the “Bad Lights” however, all kudos to this amazing service; my photos never lacked the professional touch. It happens often that the back drop is dull, or the natural lights fade or even sometimes, Don’t Worry – photo editing services will enhance and brighten up the lackluster back drop and give the photo that unspoiled and ideal setting. It can even mask the pimples, spots and even wrinkles on the model’s face – So, these pictures are virtually flawless. One more thing that is just wow about image editing is color balancing – The basic lesson of any photography class is to maintain a balance between the colors. The setting should go well with the dress the models are wearing. But, sometimes, we have to encounter problems related to the color and lighting. It is here that this amazing art come to our rescue! A highly resourceful and competent professional can easily play with the color schemes and lighting – they can change the hue, the shade, in fact, they can make the picture brighter if required. By using a variety of tools, like Photoshop, these professionals can change the whole image – it can add, conceal any minute detail or even remove an unwanted object or background from the picture.