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SilverTouch launch’s French Version of MyNiño

Published: Dec 12, 2012  |   | 

Silver Touch, a software development company launched French version of MyNiño a Multi and Cross Platform Mobile Application that can be used for Child Tracking using GPS location services for Android and Blackberry Smart Phones. The application can be downloaded from the respective stores. French versions for iPhone, Windows Mobile and J2ME based Smart Phones will be launched very soon.

MyNiño is a GPS based tracking application for tracking your child’s location and other smart phone activities like Calls (Outgoing and Incoming) and SMS Messages (Sent and Received) remotely. MyNiño Application has two versions a Parent Application for installation in the Parents smart Phone and Child Application for installation in Child’s smart phone.

MyNiño is a cross platform friendly application i.e. Parent and Child Applications can be on different Smart Phones Platforms like Android, BlackBerry®, iPhone, Windows, Symbian or J2ME. The application once configured correctly sends the Child’s text messages, Call and Current Location details to the Parent’s Smart Phone via a web server. It is mandatory to install the Parent Application and configure it before installing the child application.

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