Silver Touch Launched ‘Save The Beetle’ Game for Smartphones

April 10, 2012 Published by: Minesh Doshi

“Save The Beetle” is a fun game developed for iPhone and Android smartphone. The aim is to save the Beetle from being killed by shots fired at it from different directions. The application uses device’s accelerometer. Based on the inclination and direction of the device the Beetle can be moved and saved from the shots. Each level has 10 bugs to be eaten by the Beetle to complete that level and there are three lives to complete a level. Additionally the Beetle gets Super Power and can eat the Shot for a period of 2 seconds to gain additional Bonus points. Loss of a life costs the user 25 points.

  • “Save The Beetle” uses the Accelerometer feature of the device.
  • Score is calculated in three categories: Regular Points, Special Bonus, and Negative Points.
  • Extra bonus points on catching the shot during Super Power stage.
  • Three levels with varied Background themes, Speed of firing, Background music, Bonus Points calculations and Bugs for food.
Saving the Beetle from being attacked is a fun game with challenges at every level – A must for gaming enthusiasts.

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