Responsive Web Development or Mobile Web apps – Which is a Better Option?

June 4, 2013 Published by: Minesh Doshi

Arrival of a wide range of sophisticated devices like tablet computers and Smartphones in the mainstream has made the conventional PCs obsolete or outdated. Invention of these advanced tools led to a series of cascading events or say developments.  – It eventually resulted in “emergence” of two completely new areas – Responsive web frameworks and Mobile web applications. Responsive Web Design These areas basically concentrated on creation of sites which would work almost as efficiently as it can on a PC browser. And this development has triggered off a debate among the technocrats – Which is better RWD (responsive web development) or mobile web apps. Since, both are better and superior in their own ways, it is difficult to come to a conclusion. However, we still have a chance to compare some the salient features.


Responsive Web development

Mobile apps

Extent of application

The range of RWD or Responsive web development is much wider than mobile web apps.

It does not get limited exclusively to mobile devices. It gives excellent outcomes, no matter whether is a tablet, Smartphone, a laptop or a traditional PC.

Unlike, RWD, Mobile web apps works exclusively on the Smartphone devices only.Since they are designed and configured to work on different screen resolutions, they hardly work on tablets or laptops.
Cost of Development With RWD, you only have to get a single version developed, which would be deployed on other platforms.Therefore, the cost of development usually ranges from moderate to expensive. (Depending on the elements used for the application). As compared to RWD, Mobile web apps do costs a little higher. Since, for mobile web apps, two versions are required – One version is used for the Mobile devices, while to be uploaded for usual websites. Hence, the overall cost of development increases.
Performance The overall performance of a Responsive Web framework by and large depends on the bandwidth. It may not work effectively while the server sends larger multimedia or text content. Performance of mobile web apps is better and much more streamlined than Responsive web sites. The bandwidth or larger files hardly creates any glitches in its performance. Hence, the loading time lowers down considerably.
Complication Though it is requires development only once, it still can be complicated for a person who has not gained expertise over this new area. For an expert; it is no though job. Less complicated, when compared to Responsive web development. Complete grasp of this field can make it easy.