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Responsive Web Designing – A New Age Approach to Web development!

Published: May 13, 2013  |   | 

We have entered the post-PC era! Apart from the traditional desktops, we nowadays, heavily rely on laptops, iPads and the latest one Smartphones. With these many devices entering the mainstream markets, it has become all the more important for web developers and designers to make websites which “fits” into all devices. And so, I wondered how do they manage to “fit” a website into different devices with varying dimensions. Therefore, I took Google by storm to search for the wonder which makes site appear flawless and picture-perfect in any device. And I came across Responsive web design – and it was fascinating to read more about it. Irrespective to the screen resolution, Responsive web design will make the “viewing” a treat for the eyes! Interesting, whatever be the screen size is, a responsive website will “adjust” the texts, images and videos according to the screen space. In fact, it is being widely welcomed and applauded among the web developers, since, almost eliminates the need to have multiple versions for a single website. Moreover, I was completely amazed to notice that it proves to be a cost-effective solution, which can help the entrepreneurs to save those extra bucks, which they have to otherwise spend on getting multiple versions developed. Well, now with Smartphones and tablets in our hands, we usually try to surf internet with these devices, and if your web sites (non-responsive, of course) is not impressive or attractive, the user would simply get away from the page. They would not have a good reason to stay for a longer time. So, it becomes all the more crucial to provide an enhanced interface to both PC and Smartphone and tablet users to access any websites from anywhere and at anytime. In addition to all this, with responsive web design you can easily implement the SEO or search engine optimization. Sounds a bit confusing! – Fine let me explain – If you know SEO (even a little bit) you would know that every different version of a website requires their own set of links which are redirected to guide visitors to the correct device version. So, when there is only one website; then there will just one set of link and no redirects. This in turn will makes the loading time lesser and speedy. Moreover, responsive web designing is extremely “pocket friendly” –  It will not require many versions, thus, you can save those extra bucks here and moreover, you do not have to spend any resources on maintaining multiple versions of a single website.