MyNiño – Award Winning App for Child Tracking Solution

September 18, 2014 Published by: Dharmesh Shah

MyNiño – Multiplatform Child Tracking Solution

In the past few decades, crime on children has been increasing considerably. Crimes on child include abuse, and kidnapping violation attacks. Parents are the most worried and effected of this crime that is spreading like wild-fire. Though there are laws and organizations to protect the child rights, it is well said that to take precarious action to protect ones kids while they are out for school, play or on any social/cultural activity.

Following are few facts on crimes against children around the world:

  • Approximately 5 children die every day just because of child abuse
  • 1 out of 3 girls and 1 out of 5 boys will be sexually abused before they reach age 18
  • In 2010, 1,537 children died of just because of abusing or neglecting
  • Every year 1000’s children around the world become victims of crime through kidnapping or violation attacks

To protect your children from such type of criminal offenses you have to keep watch on a child’s activity and movements especially when they move out of the house. Now the question raised that How to keep track your child’s activity and movements?

One way to keep track Your Child is over Smartphone. One of the reasons to track the child over Smartphone is that more than 78% of the teenagers are now-a-days using the Smartphone which is quickly traceable and accessible via internet. Parent can monitor the child activity such as SMS, Calls and Location using a utility App. MyNiño is one of the smart inventions from Silver Touch to track the child activities through Smartphone. MyNiño is a tracking application that was developed with an objective to protect and monitor your child’s activities such as Call, SMS and Current Geographical Location over a smartphone.

Amazing Features of MyNiño:

  • The application supports two languages – English and French
  • Available for four different platforms – iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows
  • MyNiño application is split into two separate applications – Parent Application and Child Application
  • Firstly you need to install Parent App on parent’s device, which displays various reports coming from child application, that is installed on child device
  • On Child’s Smartphone MyNiño runs in mask mode as one of the items on photo gallery
  • MyNiño runs effectively on cross-platform scenario, means both Parent and Child phones can be of similar platform or of different platforms

Moreover MyNiño provides Following Functionalities:

1.  Call/SMS/Location Tracking:My Nino - call,sms, location report

  • App notifies you of any call or SMS that is sent or received on Child phone, at regular, predefined intervals
  • Along with Calls and SMSs, MyNiño helps to track your child’s GPS Location at regular intervals; thus keeping you aware of your child’s location all the time
  • Call/SMS tracking supports for Android, Blackberry and Windows 6 child platform. Functionality is not supported in iPhone and Windows 8 children because of OS infeasibility

2.  Geo Fencing: Geo Fencing

  • Set a geographical virtual boundary called Geo Fencing on child’s smartphone and the application alerts you when a child breaks that boundary.
  • You can set a boundary on locations like Child’s School Area, Playing area or at Home when you are outside.
  • Once setup is completed if your child goes out of that boundary area, then the application will immediately notify you so that you can take an appropriate action on it.

3. Cusswords for filtering SMS: cussworld for filtering SMS

  • One more useful functionality of MyNiño is to highlight/filter the SMSs by predefined words known as Cusswords
  • Those words could be 4 letter words, Sexual intonations, Drugs etc. The messages contained those words will be highlighted with the red mark
  • So it’s easy to filter out the unusual messages sent/received by your child

4. Child Reports Setting: Child Reports Setting

  • You can manage all the Child Reports Settings from Parent Application without actually operating upon the child device to receive the child reports at desired time interval
  • Child activity reports will be sent from Child Smartphone to the Parent Smartphone at regular intervals as per the settings

More functional Features of MyNiño:

  • Displays past Calls, SMSs and Geofencing records in offline mode
  • Manage Report Notification settings as desired from Parent application
  • SOS Notification – Parent App gets notification alert if the child’s Smartphone does not send reports at set intervals
  • Hide the Child Application icon on child device (only if the child is using Android device)
  • Facilitates editing photos using various photo editing features in child application
  • Access to Reports and other functionality from web
  • Add maximum 20 children under single parent application
With MyNiño – Multiplatform Child Tracking Solution you can easily keep track on your child’s activities and movements through a Smartphone. So if you find something wrong with your child as an example Child’s current location at night bar, Child receives unusual messages from unknown numbers etc. Then you can take quick action. You can download the child application from the MyNiño Official Website. The Parent application can be easily downloaded from app store of iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows. ios app store button download for blackberry download for windows