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Challenges and Benefits of Using Agile Methodology

Published: Oct 5, 2015  |   | 

Challenges and Benefits of Using Agile Methodology
It has, time and again been proven that Agile development practices are widely accepted as they allow developers to manage and improve priorities during the development process. Agile development is the perfect solution when you need to constantly upgrade and create a new version of the existing application, get it reviewed continuously and then improve it whenever required. Agile practices offer speed and flexibility – two of the pre-requisites of succeeding in this always-connected, competitive market. While there are numerous benefits of adopting agile methodology, there are several inherent challenges as well. In this blog, we will take a look at the challenges and benefits of using agile solutions.

Benefits of Using Agile Solutions

Improved Engagement

Agile methodology allows developers to involve clients at every step of the project, because of which decisions can be promptly taken. Working together enables the developer to see things from the client’s perspective.


Since clients are involved throughout the development process, there is greater transparency in the process. Clients can see the work in progress and offer suggestions/ improvements on the project.


There are several things that are predictable while using agile methodology. Time required to complete the project can be estimated. Beta versions can also be released within the decided time frame. It is also predictable to estimate the cost of the project.

Better Focused

Developers and clients have better focus using agile methods. While developers can focus on user requirement and develop each feature according to their need, clients can focus on improving the business value right at the development table.

Challenges of Using Agile Solutions

Estimating Time for Completing Tasks

When developers feel they can predict the time it will take to complete the project using agile methodology, they often misestimate things. Many make the mistake of predicting that they can complete a set of assigned tasks in a single sprint, only to find later that little things continue to pop up time and again. Thus setting deadlines and meeting them proves to be challenging.

Getting Teams to Work Together

Yes, it is seen as one of the biggest challenges in agile development, especially if you have a remote team in hand. While the wheels of the machines work more efficiently when the team is under the same roof, it is not impossible to work with remote teams. Most of the offshore development company (like ours) has remote teams but we have found a method of getting every member on the same platform, irrespective of the location.

Making Agile Work For You

It is simply not challenging but also frustrating when Agile doesn’t seem to work for you. There can be two reasons why this may happen – one, you focus on output rather than outcome, and second, you do not track metrics. Agile development is very flexible and you will find a way to make it work for you. All you need is a little patience and lot of focus. At Semaphore Software, we are committed to give you the best products, software solutions and services using Agile development. You can contact us on info@semaphore-software.com to find out how we can work on improving your product using Agile development.