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A new Business Age with Silver Touch at CeBIT 2010, Germany

Published: Jan 10, 2010  |   | 

Hanover, Germany Silver Touch Technologies Ltd is launching Cloud Computing services during CeBIT 2010, Hanover, Germany. The concept of cloud computing has been touted for some time now as the “next big thing” in information technology (IT). The ability to provide flexibility and control costs through a modular service model built upon a common hosted platform is attractive to many technology decision makers. Many analysts and publications agree that the potential of cloud computing is real and ready. Being market leader in Infrastructure and Software development services, Silver Touch felt tremendous potential in coming time for Cloud Computing. Business houses now are days investing heavily behind Infrastructure setup, deployment and management. They also need to spend heavily on software licenses and subscription fees. Cloud computing gives flexible model with freedom of selecting technology platform and changing it as and when required. Mr. Minesh Doshi is very excited to launch Cloud computing. He says “Silver Touch is now offering wide range of cloud computing service stack with various models like Infrastructure-as-a-services(IaaS), Software-as-a-services(SaaS) and Platform-as-a-service(PaaS). Cloud computing is really flexible and rapidly adoptable model with each organization growing needs.” Being CMMi-5, ISO 27001 Certified, Silver Touch has matured quality operations which can help software companies to get their applications migrated from traditional operational models to Cloud enabled. Mr Doshi says “Currently 80% of Enterprise Applications solutions are not cloud enabled and we see a great demand helping companies to converting those applications to Cloud enabled.” Moreover companies are now offering such applications helping their clients to reduce total cost of ownership on traditional software licensing. Cloud Computing is very new concept and companies are adopting these model slowly and gradually. Cloud computing is flexible does not mean, all organizations can implement it as it is. Silver Touch is thus providing auditing services and consulting on how to adopt it. Mr. Doshi says “Infrastructure-as-a-service is very broad term with services stacks like Green data centers, Disaster Recovery centers, Data backup management and Application performance management at hardware level. Silver Touch has thus started state-of-the-art Network Operation Center (NOC) to cater such services.” For Small and Medium size enterprises, Cloud computing is cost effective solution keeping their daily need of information technology. Silver Touch is leading Technology Services company having presence in India, UK, Germany, France, Denmark, Sweden, Australia, UAE. Silver Touch is having technology alliance with Microsoft, Apple iPhone, Sun Microsystems, IBM, Oracle, SonicWall, VM ware, SAP to name a few. To know more about how Silver Touch can help on cloud computing initiatives, visit https://www.silvertouch.com or visit personally during CeBIT 2010, Hanover, Germany, 2nd till 6th March 2010 at Hall 6, K21.