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A Mobile-Compatible Website is the New “In-Thing”!

Published: May 14, 2013  |   | 

Smartphones is becoming a common sight – With every other person carrying Smartphone, it seems that the PC and laptops are getting outdated!

Technological ambit is extremely dynamic; with a blink of the eye the whole scenario changes – In fact, with the invention and development of devices like tablets and Smartphones; it seems that the whole world has come on our fingertips.

We can now easily perform any function that we otherwise have to perform on a full-fledged computer. This trend has given way to the “Mobile compatible websites”; which works seamlessly and brilliantly over the smaller mobile screen.

Since, the screen resolutions differ a lot (some Smartphones have a wider and longer display, while this may be not true for other phones); it becomes all the more important to create a website which works more effectively irrespective of the screen size.

Designing a mobile-compatible website will help you to recognize and reach to your potential customers on their phones. Some of the other advantages of mobile compatible sites are:

Enhanced User Experience: – Since,mobile compatible website are exclusively designed keeping in mind the resolution of the Smartphones; they work excellently on a smaller screen. The user may not find it difficult to view it or work on it.

Visitor stays longer!: – It is very normal to shut down the site, which takes time in loading, or which has very complicated navigation. And a mobile user is not very patient with the longer loading time, since, it may drain their battery. So, by designing a site which is “mobile-friendly”, there are all the chances that you may attract the users, as well as encourage them to stay longer around, going to other pages.

Reduced Loading time: – Since, the mobile compatible websites are specifically configured and designed to work effectively on dimension and resolution of a mobile browser, they do not take longer period of time to load, as compared to other sites, which are designed for other platforms.

Build a Brand becomes easy: – With an elegant, slick and high-quality website which can work well on the Smartphones, you get a better way to reach out to the customers (mainly using Smartphones). You can get a very robust platform through which you can communicate with the customers and therefore, can create your brand.

Competitive Edge: – With a mobile website, you have an added advantage to way to distinguish yourself in the extreme competition. When mobile clients; with a compatible site will be able to scroll down your site; which they can use to pull information.