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Zend Development

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Zend Development

PHP Zend framework recently launched ZF2 which is becoming quite popular for its object oriented web application framework which uses PHP 5.x. Zend Framework or ZF2 is an open source, highly versatile web application development framework that offers scalable and flexible solutions. This community based framework is continuously updated and upgraded to expand the base functionality and features. It is a modern robust framework which helps create web 2.0 and 3.0 based solutions.

Zend Framework uses an advanced MVC (Model-View-Controller) which is now a standard in design and development of web applications. With MVC development is enhanced in terms of time, scability and performance.

With Zend framework you can develop applications that help manage a suite of Enterprise functionality. The components are completely object oriented, and E-STRICT compliant, and use at-will architecture combined with minimal dependencies within the different components. This framework supports multiple database systems and different vendors, which churns out highly scalable and flexible solutions. It comes with an extensive compilation of libraries that can be used within the ready to use templates. A versatile caching sub-system which supports a wide range of back-ends and a flexible MVC architecture comes with the Zend framework.

Features of Zend Framework 2

  • E-Strict Compliant
  • Object Oriented
  • Use at Will Architecture
  • Extensible MVC Implementation
  • Multiple Database Support
  • Flexible Caching Subsystem
  • Email Composition & Delivery

Why Hire Semaphore Software for ZF2 Development?

Semaphore Software has a vast experience in Zend development and integration, thus offering highly functional Zend solutions. We evaluate the design, and build applications suited matching the capabilities of the client. Our highly capable developers offer high levels of coding expertise, and capable services with this framework. We are known to deliver solutions within the set time frame, thus offering you a cost effective and highly competitive solution. Quality tops our needs, and we offer quality and cost effective solutions. We offer application development, enterprise and portal development, up-gradation, maintenance and support based solutions to our client, based on their requirement.

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  • Unique & innovative solutions
  • 24/7 Support Services
  • Committed to quality
  • Faster time to market
  • Reasonable budgets

If you want to get a business idea converted using ZF2, connect with us today. We offer top notch Zend Development Solutions for your business.