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Software Prototyping

Draw Maximum from ‘Prototype’ with Semaphore Prototype Experts

A prototype is a model or early release of any product and it typically simulates only a few aspects of the final product. Users (client) can visualize the project early and the development team can get valuable feedback from the users at an early stage.

Prototyping can prove to be a beneficial approach in Software Development Project especially in Waterfall methodology. Generally it is not in line with Agile Methodology though. This helps in delivering what is required and also reducing project time and costs for the client.

We have suggested prototyping services to our clients in many cases. And in every case intended benefits were drawn for the client in terms of reduced cost, reduced time and delivering exactly what was required. We generally offer this service along with software requirement specification development stage. This provides an opportunity to the client in visualizing the software and at the same time designers (solutions architects) can gauge future solution.

What is Software Prototyping?

Software Prototyping simply put is a limited feature version (either non-functional or functional) of the intended software to get the feel of both requirements and solution.

Types of Prototyping in the industry

  • Horizontal Prototype (Interface Prototype)
  • Vertical Prototype
  • Throwaway prototyping
  • Evolutionary prototyping
  • Incremental prototyping
  • Extreme prototyping

Prototyping at Semaphore

  • Software Design Prototyping
  • Software Development Prototyping
  • Software Requirement Prototyping
  • Software Feasibility Prototyping

Prototyping Process at Semaphore

Semaphore following the standard process of prototyping that involves the following steps:

  • Identification of Basic Requirement
  • Initial Prototype Development
  • Review
  • Revise and Enhance

Objectives and Benefits of Software Prototyping

Software prototypes can be used to achieve many objectives. Semaphore suggest its clients to go for software prototyping looking at the project dynamics for the following objectives and benefits:

  • Prototypes Saves Money
  • Prototypes Saves Time
  • 3. Prototype is TWO WAY Insurance
    • Client can match it with Requirement Specification
    • Vendor can judge the future software
  • Mitigate Risks of Misunderstanding & Miscommunication
  • Improved Quality of Requirements
  • Identifying Missing Features
  • Get Valuable feedback early in the project
  • Get Insight on Project Timelines and Milestones
  • Prioritize Features (Vital, Essential and Desirable)
  • Use as a Tool to Attract Investors
  • Provide as a Proof of Concept
  • Increase User Involvement
  • Reduce User Resistance
  • Improved System Usability
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